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Yor is the fourth of the Nine Clans of Ash'tor.  The word also refers to its Clan Founder, 'Medhebaq Qhe'byq Yor.  The Tale of Yor concerns a conflict between two brothers and raises questions about the nature of correct moral action.  It is one of the most popular Ash'torian legends and a subject of much theological and philsophical debate.

Historical Roots[]

Very little can be conjectured about the historical roots of the Tale of Yor.  It took place c. 1600 BE in the star system called the Trae'dah in Sylmor.  It is clear that some historical individual founded the Clan of Yor, but records as to who are unclear.

The Tale of Yor[]

The Tale of Yor concerns twin brothers from the Clan Qhe'byq, 'Medhebaq and 'Sylseq.  Both wished to seek honor by going to war, but since they had an ailing mother to care for, only one could go.  Being first-born, 'Medhebaq was chosen to go to war, but 'Sylseq betrayed him and stole the family's ship, leaving his brother behind to care for their mother.

After their mother died, 'Medhebaq found 'Sylseq, who had since earned great glory as a warrior.  'Medhebaq challenged 'Sylseq to a duel, which 'Sylseq lost.  'Medhebaq then offered to forgive him, but 'Sylseq rejected his forgiveness and fled.

'Medhebaq pursued 'Sylseq, attempting to make peace with him, but 'Sylseq rejected his efforts, finally asking 'Medhebaq to kill him.  When 'Medhebaq refused, 'Sylseq killed himself, a great since in Ash'torian religion.  'Medhebaq then assumed responsibility for forgiving his brother inappropriately and not giving him proper means to atone for his crime.  He lived the rest of his life in penance as a figure of great wisdom.


The value of forgiveness vs. rigor in requiring atonement is the core tension in the Tale of Yor.  'Medhebaq is widely revered for his kindness.  At the same time, the tale explicitly states that his forgiveness of his brother was inappropriate and ultimately made matters worse.  Throughout many different retellings and much commentary on the tale, Ash'torian storytellers and theologians have explored this tension.

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