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West-of-Now is the surname name of a family in the Continuation universe, many of whose members were founders of the Jana Era

Family Origins[]

"West-of-Now" was the name adopted under the Kiri tradition by Nevan West-of-Now (male, b. 1984 AE) and Sylan West-of-Now (female, b. 1984 AE), when they married and began a household together on the planet Onáda in Fóraval. Nevan was a Kiri historian, Sylan a Leddie astrophysicist.  They met as students at the Melnar University on Onáda. 

The name is a pun on the name of Sylan's home planet, Vorshtamor, in Diatonan: "Vorshta" means "west" in Vunizh, and "mora" means "now" in Keshnul. In Kiri fashion, it is translated into whatever common language is being used.

The West-of-Nows on Perdita[]

Sylan and Nevan West-of-Now were scholars of the Kiri-Sama War and its relation to jae technology.  On an academic expedition, they crashlanded on the planet Perdita, where Sylan's research into jae became one of the bases for the Perditan Jana Program.  Their two children, Jasen (son, b. 2017 AE) and Miri (daughter, b. 2023 AE), crashed with them and grew to adulthood on Perdita. 

In 2042, Miri was caught in a jae accident that resulted in her being transported to the dimension of Jana.  Though she could not return to real space, she was able to send a communication from Jana.  She became known as "Imasrase" (Tapanayn: "The Pilgrim") and was later considered by some a goddess.  This event marks the beginning of the Jana Era and precipitated Perdita's Jana Program.

Other notable West-of-Nows include:

Laran West-of-Now (b. 2096), Jasen's granddaughter, a First Walker, and founder of Leddra's Jana Program.

Jessa West-of-Now (b. 2093), Laran's sister, a Jetho (religious teacher) and mother of...

Kedren West-of-Now (b. 2115), an early developer of Ash'tor's Jana Program. His father was First Walker, Ghanior Y'Seevoya Lastri'nom.