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The War's End denotes the event that suddenly and unexpectedly destroyed most macroscopic life on most planets in the Sama Empire, marking the end of that empire and the end of the Kiri-Sama War.

Events Leading up to the War's End[]

In the months before the War's End, the Kiri-Sama War over the Sama attempt to colonize planets in Feyléna was raging.  The Sama Empire was simultaneously suffering from the Quark-Shift Plague caused by contamination from its jae ships.  Historians in the wake of the War's End saw no clear course of events leading up to the disaster.

The War's End[]

In the year 1 BE, in the midst of the Kiri-Sama War, the vast majority of the Sama Empire fell silent over a course of hours.  When remnant populations, mostly from Afebat, sent expeditions to the silent worlds, they found that most macroscopic life on most worlds had died.  Buildings and machines were intact. 

Theories as to Cause[]

Initially, blame was placed on the Kiris since they were at war with the Samas.  But it soon became evident that the Kiris had no technological means for such an attack.

Curiously, though jae contamination had been high before the War's End, afterward it was very low.  This led to a theory that jae was implicated in the War's End, but no mechanism was discovered for about 2000 years.

When the West-of-Nows crashed on the planet Perdita, their presence led to the disclosure of certain documents that explained the mechanism of the War's End, as recounted in the novel, Perdita.  Jae was, indeed, implicated in it.