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Vunizh ("the speech") is an analytic, non-declined language of Ra-Ledis origin within the Continuation universe.  It is the native language of the Leddies and often a lingua franca throughout the Continuation. It's alphabet, the Vunizh letters, is the standard writing system in the Continuation.

Vunizh has a long history: the following information is a generalization subject to change with time period and regional dialect.

Grammar Overview[]

The standard word order in Vunizh is subject-verb-object-indirect object. (Ex. "I give the book to him.") Adjectives usually follow the words they modify.

Pronouns are declined. Except for singular and plural forms, nouns are not.  Conjugation is Latinate. Vunizh has two conjugations, labeled 1 (infinitive in -or) and 2 (infinitive in -ir).


Vowels           []

  • a: as in all, as in but at end of word          
  • e: as in bed
  • i: as in in
  • o: long, as in so
  • u: as in rule
  • y: as in see
  • ai: as in rain
  • oi: as in join
  • ie: properly two separate sounds, "yeh."


Consonants are pronounced as in English. note:

  •  bh, dh, gh, fh, kh, rh: slightly aspirated
  •  j: always hard
  •  g: always hard
  • z: as in English, save following a consonant, where it becomes ts
  • zh: as in church

Stress                        []

Stress is almost always on first syllable.

Dictionary (Partial)

a: na:

about: trien:

accountable: silasuzh

to account for: (2) silasir

after: anezh

and: ny

animal: mimin

arm: genna

art: dhrilen

balance: zhebor

to be: zhor

beauty: khaln

to become: (1) vor (arch. veor)

before: pennet

body: zhoi

brave: mik

to breathe: (2) myrsir

brother: delshok

but: mirst

by: ezh

calm: kridzh

to change: (2) amyltasir

child: enzh

cook: zhimtal

to cook: (1) zhimsor

to correct: (2) oibosir

daughter: deln

day: myn

death: koln

desert: dhanez

to die: (1) kolnsor

diminutive suffix: -i

dragon: miag

dwell: (1) fhansor (cf. A: live, K: live)

east: vrosh

eight: elsin

to end: elinsir (K: lyne)

Epeylléta (Pey): epietal

evil: zazhta

eye: ebba

fairy: (mod.) silorben

fairy: (semi-arch.) tudiben

fairy: (archaic) tusisedo

farmer: lennshtal

father: nodio

fine: norhuzh

first: yd

five: ifin

to float: (2) somsir

flower: zheva

for: gin

forest: sudsho (“many trees”)

forever: tiln

forward: tinkrik (cf. A: forward)

four: in

free: eduzh

from: sen

gift: miest

giver: miestal

to go:(1) kior

god: yden

good: luzh

grass: lennz

gray: ezhin

great: oiduzh

grren: zhedin

ground: urn

harbor: mor

to hate: (2) erhentir

he: trie

to hear: (2) otrir

high: udar

home: unan

to hope: (2)voinsir

how: khy

human: benot

husband: soinok

one’s husband’s wife: soikan

I: gie

immortal (person): tinal

in: uld

incorrigible: tubidosyzh

is: yf

island: rhevur

it: (nom.)kie

to join: (1) kamosor

to keep: (2) zhonosir

keeper: zhonotal

king: rhenoc

Kiri: kirtal

to know: (2) kezhesir

law: dia (dya)

to lead: (2) rhydsir

leader: rhydal

to learn: (2) sylsir

to leave: (1) kizanzhor (go after)

Leddie: Leddie (arch. ledis: person) (led’dyeh)

life: midda: (mid’ du)

like/as: kiv (keev)

Lord: oidyden (oid’ ee den) (great god)

lost: avichad (av’ i chad)

to love: (2) marvisir

to make: (1) ornosor

man: benk

many: sudy

meadow: glin

meteor: kurnet

moon: lovrin

mother: milan

mountain: leny

nature: toivat (cf. K, nature)

navigator: tarrvar

new: moi

night: hrodra

night (arch/poetic) arrho

nine: onin

north: kum

not: utu (prefix: ut-, u-)

now: dum

of: en

oh: koi

old: soyn

one: yn

or: zhem

over: suld

past (n.): zhicu

pilot: veshtral

plain (field): lutran (cf. K: sand)

planet: errha

polarity: yboda

politics: trana

president: surdal (over-leader)

prostitution: trezalt

reason: diata

to ride:(1) rorsor

rider: rorshtal

to rise: (2) kinudir

river: kvota

sage (wise person): eshnot (cf. K eshlu)

Sama: samtal

sand: shint

to save: (1) tralosor

to save: (2) ornkrysir (cf. Orkrysal)

to say: (2) hrokir

to see: (2) esir

seer: ebbal

to sell: (1)alesor

seller: alzhtal

seven: imyn

sex: trezt

she: zhie

shield: dhenzhen

ship: treshot

side: moda

silent: ozhen

to sing: (1) trosor

sister: delshan

six: evlyn

sky: fryre

song: tram

soul: middezh

son: ik

south: lur

space: nevkror

to speak: vushor

speech: vuzh

to stand: (2) dhrisir

star: vrun

strong: tru

student: syltal

sun: lin

sverra (a bio-engineered humanoid): sverra

to swim: (1) zhansor

tall: rhar

ten: syn

the: ny

they: kiz

three: egrin

to: kon

to travel: (1) fhoigosor

tree: irsha

true: vrezh

truth: vres

two: ybyn

to understand: (2) krykezhesir (know whole)

up: kra

valley: dilpra

very: prandu

voice: zhedit

to walk: (1) presor

water: sobra

we: giz

to weave: (1) fhabosor

west: vorshta

what: ulie

when: shoi

white: gieshtin

who: alie

whole: kryen

why: marha

wife: hakan

to be willing: (2) disir

woman: benan

world: urham

to worship: (2) agasir

one’s wife’s husband: haksoin

Ybian: Ybyal

yes: zhe

you: (sg.) (nom.) nol

you: (pl.) (nom.) nolz