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Ship near Lanebib

Ship taking off from Lane'bib in the Trae'dah

The Trae'dah is a star system in the galaxy of Sylmor in the Continuation universe.  It contains 4 terraformed worlds: R'Ebsyn, Lane'bib, R'Aej, and Zahn.  The "Trae'dah" refers both to the star system itself and to the Ash'torian cultural center that exists within it.

Astronomic Characteristics[]

The star of the Trae'dah is a blue-tinted white star, more energetically intense than the yellow stars usually chosen for terraforming.  Its habitable zone is, thus, farther from the sun than the norm and its terraformed planets all have revolutions of multiple Standard years.  The two planets nearest the sun, R'Ebsyn and Lane'bib, required substantial engineering to deflect sufficient solar energy to accommodate human life.


Originally terraformed by the Ránlans, these worlds were ceded to Ash'tor c. 1800-1300 BE.  The Ash'torians renamed the system the Trae'dah, which signifies "Tra'hae's [God's] home."  The Trae'dah became the center of the Ash'torian empire, with Zahn as its capital.