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Artist's impression of the mosquito in amber.

"The Worldkeeper's Circlet" is a short story by Arwen Spicer set in the Continuation universe. Within the universe, it is one version of the Kiri folktale of the Amber Circlet, which is a circlet in which is set an ancient artifact from Mother (Earth): a mosquito preserved in amber. The story was published online by Mytholog and is available to read free.


Two sisters, Érynel ("Earth-woman") and Sómanel ("Space-woman") decide to participate in a contest to see who will be the next worldkeeper (ruler) of planet Onáda.  The contest specifies that they must journey to a tech center, where Kiris house high technology and ancient artifacts, and choose the most precious item it contains.  Sómanel chooses a portable computer because it contains knowledge. Érynel chooses a mosquito in amber because it is the only once-living thing in the tech center and animal life is precious.  The old worldkeeper remarks that both choices are good ones but chooses Érynel as her heir because she has valued an artifact that traces an evolutionary history back millions of years to Mother and that continuity

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Stylized emblem of the Amber Circlet

of life is priceless.  The amber is placed in a circlet for Érynel to wear.


The story of the Amber Circlet, an item the actual existence of which is a matter of debate, shows the Kiris' philosophical emphasis on humanity's ecological and evolutionary bonds with other Earth-based life.

The image of the mosquito in amber is a Kiri symbol for the Continuation worlds because it represents the continuity of Earth-based life across millions of years.

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