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Morning is a novel set in the Continuation universe, written by Arwen Spicer. It  has been adapted into a film to be released in 2014.  It is also a novel within the Continuation Universe, loosely based on events that occurred in 2110 AE.  In universe, it was written by the Ash'torian author, Bra'hem T'Ah'ré Qhe'byq in the year 2140 AE.  It was translated into Vunizh by 'Eblia Te'Zhano Yoq in 2165 AE.


Denned Jenchae is a prisoner awaiting execution by the Ash'torian government.  He is joined in his cell by Elek Onx, another Striver against Ash'torian domination who has violent impulses he has trouble controlling.  Later, another prisoner, Meravyn Sanston is put in their cell.  As they await death together, they help each other on a redemptive journey.  Jenchae must come to terms with his failures with his old friend, Akhté.  Elek must face his memories of a woman he lost, Ned'yem.  And Meravyn must reevaluate her marriage and its end.

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