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The Sverra (Keshnul: Tralorváti, "strong humans") are the most widespread bio-engineered humanoid species.  They are physically stronger than humans and can live to be up to 1000 years old.  They are sensitive to changes in environmental conditions but less than many other bio-engineered humanoids.  For optimal health, they must consume certain types of rock particles. 


Sverra have eyes slightly larger than the human norm.  They come in two principal color morphs: white and black, where white sverra have little pigmentation except for their eyes and black sverra have black or very dark brown skin, hair, and eyes.  When these morphs mate, they can produce offspring with a mix of these traits.  Their bones have a silvery sheen.  They are the same size and build as humans.  They resemble the Pey (Epeylléta), but tend to have a heavier build.

Famous Sverra[]

Micor the Bright One of Perdita, a founder of Jana technology. (part sverra)

Elek Onx, protagonist of The Hour before Morning (part sverra)

Trenod Sanston, a famous healer from Manyrock, husband on Meravyn Sanston. (part sverra)