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Standard Time is the internationally accepted time-keeping system in the Continuation universe.

Standard Time Measures[]

Standard Time was developed in pre-terraforming times to approximate the length of a year on Daughter, which is close to a year on Earth (Mother).  It divides a Standard year into:

  • 10 months, each having
  • 35 days, each of
  • 25 hours (with hours and minutes equivalent to the ancient Earth standard)

The usual daily cycle is considered to start in the early morning with the 1st hour (approximately 6:00 a.m. in Earth terms).

Standard Time and Planetary Time[]

Populations on planets that have significant contact with other planets or space, use both Standard clocks and planetary clocks (based on the planet's rotation and revolution).  Time pieces generally include readouts for each.  Standard years are used to measure human age and historical events.  However, seasons and days are more commonly described by planetary calendars.

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