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R'Aej is the third terraformed planet in the star system of the Trae'dah in Sylmor.  It is one of the core worlds of Ash'tor and the most ecologically complex world in the Trae'dah. Its name means "world of water" in Ash'torian.  Its original Ránlan name is Zeinnéfa (Ránlan: "world of water-art").

Ecological class: 1

Moons: 2

Geography and Ecology[]

R'Aej is mostly ocean, hence its name.  It has many populated islands and, at some points in its history, has had a substantial population on its small north polar continent.  Its largest chain of islands is the Belt, in the southern sub-tropics. 

Trees on RAej small

Trees on R'Aej


R'Aej orbits a blue-tinted white star.  Its vegetation is, therefore, predominantly yellow-red hues to optimize photosynthesis.  It is the only cl

ass 1 planet in the Trae'dah: a highly biodiverse and self-sustaining biosphere.  It is rich in both ocean and island life.

R'Aej has a revolution of about 12 Standard years, which its planetary calendar divides into long-seasons of about 3 Standard years each.


Ránlan Era[]

R'Aej, under the name Zeinnéfa, was terraformed by the Ránlans and became a thriving world of Ránlan artistic culture.  Zeinnéfan culture differed from dominant Ránlan culture in placing a greater emphasis on art and personal expression than science and reasoned inquiry. 

One of the founding populations of Ash'torians split off from Zeinnéfan culture c. 1800 BE, seeking a less high-tech, more immediate experience of life.  While many Ash'torians colonized other worlds, a substantial population remained on Zeinnéfa, inhabiting the north continent.  They had little contact with the Ránlan populace.

The Cession of Zeinnéfa[]

In 1299 BE, the Ránlan government ceded Zeinnéfa to the Ash'torians, making it the last of the Trae'dah worlds to be ceded. This action was unpopular among the Ránlans inhabiting Zeinnéfa and precipitated a revolt led by the Ránlan Leng Ázoram.  This revolt was unsuccessful, and Leng Ázoram died in the course of it.  However, his actions were subsequently adopted into Ash'torian legend, and he became known as the Founder of the Ninth Clan of Ash'tor, Abte'nyq (Ash'torian: "Forwarder"), which was, in essence, the Ránlan population which remained on Zeinnéfa.  The Ash'torian government renamed the planet Rahaej, later abbreviated to R'Aej.

Ash'torian Era[]

Over time, the remaining Ránlans on R'Aej either emigrated or were assimilated into Ash'torian culture, and R'Aej became one of the core worlds of Ash'tor.  In later years, it was the home of the Ash'torian judiciary, the Nine Ministries.  Widely regarded as one of the most pleasant places to live in Ash'tor, it became the home of many prominent Ash'torian citizens.

Famous Residents of R'Aej[]

Dáromur Báwmaw: One of the most internationally famous Ránlan songwrights (singer-songwriter).  She flourished during the era of the Cession.

Leng Ázoram: Leader of the unsuccessful revolt against the Cession, later the Founder of Clan Abte'nyq.  He was the lifesharer of Dáromur Báwmaw.

Ghanior Y'Seevoya Lastri'nom held a primary residence on R'Aej in the early years of the Jana Era.