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Perdita is a planet in the galaxy of Afebat, principally Sama in culture. It is the setting of the novel, Perdita, and the point of origin of the institution of Jana Walking. The planet has two moons, Olay and Tori.

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Geography and Climate

Perdita is mostly ocean.  It has two large, island continents in the northern hemisphere: the northwestern continent of Keeri-Semlona and the southeastern continent of Veshna.  Perdita's inhabited region is considered cooler than the terraformed average. At its northern extent, it is sub-arctic; at its southern extent, it is temperate with a warm summer.


Originally "Berdida" in Dabunè, Perdita was a prison planet for housing Kiri prisoners during the Kiri-Sama War.  Due to high security during the War, it was not in direct communication with other planets at the time of the War's End disaster, which is thought to be connected to its being spared the ecological devastation most other Sama planets experienced.  It remained isolated from other planets for 2000 years.

In the centuries after the War, Perdita developed a hybrid culture of Sama and Kiri aspects, which gave rise to a long-standing conflict over proper uses of high technology.  The Sama culture tended to favor using high tech, the Kiris to resist it.  This ideological conflict persisted long after the specific Kiri minority was assimilated into Sama majority and came to a head with the arrival, some 2000 years after the war, of the West-of-Now family, as recounted in the novel, Perdita.

Later Significance[]

At the beginning of the Jana Era, Perdita gained notoriety as the first planet to develop Jana Walking technology, a means of traveling interdimensionally using jae.  However, this capability rapidly spread to all Nations and after a few generations, Perdita was no longer considered significant as a base of Jana technology.


The dominant language of Perdita is Tapanayn, a variant of the Sama language, Dabunè, heavily inflected by influences from Keshnul, the Kiri language.  In addition to some Keshnul vocabularly, Tapanayn is marked by phonetic shifts via Keshnul from voiced to unvoiced consonants: B to P, D to T.  It often also shifts both B and V to W.

Famous Perditans[]

Jessec from Mesa, a pioneer at rediscovering space travel. Well known on Perdita but not elsewhere.

Ethan from Mesa, Jessec's son and instrumental in the development of the Jana Era.

Sherayna from Meena, an anti-tech, instrumental in the development of the Jana Era.

Micor the Bright One, one of the chief scientists who deveopled early Jana tech, along with Sylan West-of-Now.

The First Walkers:[]

Talya from Zerin

Ghanior Y'Seevoya Lastri'nom (from Senarna)

Laran West-of-Now

Ishan from Zerin

Sheseson Shadowdell (from Oja City)

Elleen Upfall (from Lo Renna)

Cordec from Meena