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Perdita is a novel by Arwen Spicer set in the Continuation universe.  It was originally self-published in 2001 with a second edition appearing in 2013.  She hopes to release a third, definitive edition in the future.  It is her first novel.


About 2000 years after the Kiri-Sama War, a family of researchers, the West-of-Nows, crash land on the lost Sama planet of Perdita (ancient form, Berdida) while pursuing a lead that might explain the mystery of the War's End disaster that destroyed the Sama Empire. 

The West-of-Nows discover that Perdita has long been in the grips of aggression between pro-high technology and anti-high technology forces (the Pro-Techs and Anti-Techs).  When the Perditans discover that the West-of-Nows possess the highly advanced and potentially very dangerous space travel technology of jae, the aggression between forces escalates.  Yet the dangers of jae may require the pro-tech Ethan and anti-tech Sherayna to set aside their differences and work to save their planet.

Major Characters[]

The West of Nows:

Sylan West-of-Now: (female) a Leddie astrophysicist who has studied the technology, jae.

Nevan West-of-Now: (male) a Kiri historian of the Kiri-Sama War, Sylan's husband.

Jasen West-of-Now: (male) son of Sylan and Nevan, a serious-minded teen.

Miri West-of-Now: (female) daughter of Sylan and Nevan, a proactive, thoughtful girl.

The Anti-Techs:

Sherayna from Meena: (female) a dedicated Anti-Tech, rebel leader.

Illia from Meena: (female) an Anti-Tech rebel, Sherayna's adopted sister.

Leric from Meena: (male) an Anti-Tech rebel, Illia's life partner.

Karmeena from Meena: (female) Illia and Leric's daughter, a little younger than Miri.

Micor the Bright One: (male) an ancient part-human, part-sverra (a bio-engineered humanoid) who is a rebel leader and holds secret information.

Olloan: (male) Olwer's son and close colleague.

The Pro-Techs:

Ethan from Mesa: (male) a dedicated Pro-Tech soldier.

Torna: (female) Ethan's friend and trusted lieutenant.

Lashen: (male) Warleader (general) of all Pro-Tech forces.


Laynia: (female) the queen of Perdita, a mysterious woman of ambiguous loyalties.

Olwer: (male) leader of the religious island of Zerin, of dubious loyalities.  Laynia is one of his followers.


Perdita explains the mystery behind the War's End disaster that destroyed the Sama Empire at the end of the Kiri-Sama War.  It also tells the origin story of the Jana Era, a new technological age based using jae power.