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Onáda is a planet in the galaxy of Fóraval in the Continuation universe.  It was the first planet terraformed in the Continuation and one of the most ecologically complex.  It is the capital of the Kiri Empire.  It is the second planet in the Onáda system.  Older forms of the name: Onáda-tha, Onádala.  The name means "homeworld."

Ecological class: 1

Moons: 7 (Shenesh, Onádalesh, Shatlesh, Tríanesh, Dradesh, Aldesh, Jelesh)  Some are artificial.

Geography and Ecology[]

Onáda has four continents, from west to east: Shálien, Tánsien, Rédrasad, and Silléren, as well as one large island south of Silléren, Ídaven.  The Kiri capital town, Kórfyntan, is in northwest Shálien.  Melnar University, the most famous Kiri university, is in northeast Tánsien.

As the first world terraformed, Onáda has a complex ecological history.  It was egineered to be a highly biodiverse, self-sustaining world (class 1), but in its early history, it suffered considerable ecological instability, requiring renewed geo-engineering. 

One engineering hurdle was the relative proximity of Onáda to its sun, which tended to push it toward the upper temperature tolerance of human comfort. Its slightly green-tinted sky is thought to be a result atmospheric engineering for temperature reduction.  Even well into the era of tech limitation, Onáda was periodically re-geo-engineered.  Eventually, it attained a self-sustaining biospheric balance with a large desert belt and substantial temperate regions in the north and self.  It has the second highest number of bioengineered animal lifeforms in the Continuation after its sister planet, Lleróney.


Onáda's early history was marked by extensive geo-engineering and bio-engineering.  The final use of geo-engineering techniques occurred c. 1200 BE with the spraying of particulate matter to reduce insolation.  Over approximately 200 years, this particulate matter fell out of the atmosphere, resulting in an increase in temperature, which eventually became the planet's stable state.  As a result of this temperature increase and accompanying desertification, several small wars over resources broke out.  These wars are thought to be among the triggers for the Convention of Kiri Worlds and the codification of tech limitation practice.

Onáda subsequently experienced several thousand years of comparative peace.  (The Kiri-Sama War did not affect the planet directly.)  It attained great fame as the home of the rulers of the Kiri Empire, the Worldkeepers of Onáda and was often praised for its biodiversity, stability, and beauty.  In the late Jana Era, incursions by various peoples took some ecological toll and its biodiversity decreased.


Various Kiri legends describe Onáda as a place of incomparable beauty and sometimes magic.  The continent of Shálien, in particular, being home of the ruling family, is often depicted as a paradisal location. 

Famous Native Onádans[]

Philosopher-Theologian Samlla of the Fallingwind House

The Worldkeepers of Onáda, including Léyvia Lelfeylénta

Historian Nevan West-of-Now, graduate of Melnar University