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Ned'yem (Maggie Evans)

Ned'yem is a character from The Hour before Morning by Arwen Spicer.  She was an Ash'torian intelligence agent who, at one time, worked for Sama rebels.  In the film, she is played by Maggie Evans.

Ned'yem was a valuable asset to Ash'torian intelligence during the Ash'torian expansion into Selbûn because she was fluent in multiple languages, including dialects of Dab, the Sama language family.

She had a long-time domestic partner, Hahbah'mah, who was an Ash'torian diplomat.  He was conducting negotiations on Manyrock when he was killed in a Striver (rebel) attack.  Ned'yem was shocked by his death and reported that it made her doubt the worth of the Ash'torian empire's expansion.  If it only led to hate and violence, she reasoned, why carry on with it?  She defected from Ash'tor and joined a group of Strivers as a translator, stating that she wished to help eliminate the Ash'torian presence from the Sama worlds quickly in order to minimize long-term bloodshed.  However, some suspected she might be a double agent.  She died mysteriously on the planet Bes'qûn in Selbûn while working there as a Striver.

She was briefly romantically linked with Elek Onx.