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The Hour before Morning Meravyn's Speech (Short)

Meravyn, a Sama, objects to Ash'torian domination. (from The Hour before Morning)

Perdita Cover Painting

Ethan and Sherayna, two individuals of Sama descent.

The major human social groups in the Continuation are divided into culturally unified Nations, each of which spans several planets.


(Earlier forms: Aejdar, Aeshtar) A Nation of warriors that strongly prizes honor, courage, and religious faith, traditionally comprised of Nine Clans, though in later times these affiliations are less precise.

The Kiris[]

A Nation that places strict limits on the uses of high technology. In daily life, they typically live as hunter-gatherers with non-electric and limited mechanical and agricultural tech. They keep high tech for special use in designated tech centers.

The Leddies[]

The Leddies form a confederated democratic republic, comprised of diverse subcultures. Their dominant culture is concerned multiple identities and perspectives, including gender switching.

The Ránlans[]

A very high-tech and science-oriented Nation, responsible for much of the technological innovation and philosophy of technology in the Continuation. They prize reason and stability.

The Samas[]

An expansionistic Nation with a sense of manifest destiny to bring unity to known space. Their Nation was devastated under mysterious circumstances at the end of the Kiri-Sama War (the War's End) and their remnants formed subcultures on scattered planets, many later under Ash'torian domination.