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Meravyn pre prison

Meravyn Sanston (Trisha Luna)

Meravyn Sanston (1941-2110 AE) is a character in the novel and film, The Hour before Morning.  She was married to the famous healer, Trenod Sanston, and was sent to prison after she unintentionally blew up an Ash'torian ship an attempt to help him escape Ash'torian space.  She is played by Trisha Luna in the film.


Meravyn was born on the planet Manyrock in Selbûn in the early days of its contact with the Ash'torians.  At the time, relations between the Manyrockers and Ash'torians were not as hostile as they later became.  In fact, Meravyn was named for the Ash'torian goddess, Merva'shem.  Like many Manyrockers, Meravyn was part human (Sama) and part sverra (a bio-engineered humanoid).  Her parents were also part-human, part-sverra, suggesting the use of genetic modification to overcome hybrid sterility.  Though Meravyn had no children, she was probably a fertile hybrid.  She had one older sister, Ata.

Meravyn trained as a botanist but did not pursue this as a career.  As a young woman, she married the hypertelepath healer, Trenod Sanston, who suffered from considerable telepathic pain related to his healing.  She was devoted to him and oriented her life around his, working a day job in water rationing.  Trenod eventually divorced her, citing a need for solitude to mitigate his telepathic pain.

Though the divorce devastated Meravyn, she remained loyal to Trenod.  Some years later, she helped him escape Ash'torian occupied space.  She unintentionally killed some Ash'torian soldiers in the process and was sentenced to death.  The Hour before Morning posits that in her last days, she underwent a philosophical process of self-reflection to determine if her life had been well spent or her priorities misplaced.