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The Kiri-Sama War was a conflict between the Kiri Empire and the Sama Empire over a Sama attempt to colonize planets in Feyléna, a galaxy in the Kiri sphere of influence.  The War ended in the year 1 BE with the mysterious War's End disaster that destroyed the Sama Empire.

The Ideological Dispute[]

The Samas attempted to colonize planets in Feyléna, which they called the Haven Planets, because toxic jae contamination had rendered life on many of the Sama planets dangerous.  Much of the Sama population was suffering from the Quark-Shift Plague and an increasing number were displaced from their home planets as toxicity levels rose.  Since the planets of Feyléna had almost no human inhabitants, the Samas regarded them as an unclaimed space suitable for colonization.

The Kiris, however, had purposefully set aside the Feyléna planets as a refuge for non-human Earth-based life to persist free of human agency.  They would have resisted any human colonization effort, but the near certainty that the Sama immigrants would bring jae contamination with them made the idea even more untenable. 

Both sides attempted diplomatic solutions in sufficient depth that, for a time, the conflict was called the War of the Good Politics.  However, they could not reach a solution and aggressions ensued.

Key Events of the War[]

Ecological Disasters[]

In the course of the Kiri-Sama War, two Feyléna planets suffered severe jae contamination disasters, which destroyed much of their biospheres:

  • Planet A 121, also called Talézo II (Keshnul: "not ours") and Fomurn I (Dabunè: "hope world")
  • Planet D 142, also called Talézo VII and Fomurn II (later Ta-Fomen)

The Use of Naira[]

At a crisis point in the war, the Kiris launched a weapon of mass destruction called Naira, which they had constructed for self-defense but never deployed.  This remains the only time it was deployed apart from testing.  The weapon destabilized and closed the Sel-Fey Tide connecting the Selbûn and Feyléna galaxies.  This slowed the Sama advance from Selbûn for a time, but ultimately it merely led to renewed Sama reliance on jae ships, which could travel point-to-point without crossing a Tide.

The War's End[]

Ultimately, a mysterious disaster destroyed most macroscopic life on most Sama worlds in a matter of hours.  Though the Kiris were initially blamed, they lacked the technology for such an attack.  Most historians suspected jae was involved, but the facts remained mysterious for about 2000 years.  This event ended the War and destroyed the Sama Empire.

Key People[]

Léyvia Lelfeylénta[]

Worldkeeper of Onáda (high Kiri leader) during the War.  She became a legendary figure, one of the favorites of Kiri history and narrative.


King in the Sama Empire during the War.  He was widely regarded as a strong soldier and diplomat.


Daughter of Tarnos, a renowned general in the War.  This was unusual for a woman in a patriarchal society.