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Ethan from Mesa

Ethan from Mesa (1994-2042 AE) (pron. EH-thuhn from MEY-suh) is a character from the novel Perdita by Arwen Spicer, set in the Continuation universe.  He was pro-tech (pro-technology) warchief on Perdita and became instrumental in the advent of the Jana Era.


Ethan was born on planet Perdita in the city of Mesa on the eastern continent of Veshna.  His father was Jessec from Mesa, a very popular public figure in the Perditan Space Program.  His mother's name was Serbna.  His mother left the family when he was a small child, and he was raised by his father, to whom he was very close. 

Ethan spent his childhood between Mesa and the Space Program in Cudonond on the western continent of Keeri-Semlona.  While Keeri-Semlona had strong pro-technology sympathies, Veshna had a strong anti-tech bent.  Ethan was raised with both these cultures and while his father was staunchly pro-tech, he was also well known for advocating reasoned discourse that respected diverse views.

In 2011 AE, when Ethan was 17, his father died in the explosion of an experimental space craft, the Outbound.  Anti-tech sabotage was blamed and Ethan became a strong advocate for quashing the anti-tech rebellion against the dominant pro-tech regime. 

He entered the Perditan army and rose quickly through the ranks. In 2033 AE, Ethan was the ranking officer present when the West-of-Nows crash landed on Perdita, bringing with them information on jae technology, which could be used for space travel. 

Ethan strongly advocated the use of this technology.  However, mounting evidence as to its potential danger eventually led him to question the safety of Perdita's emerging jae program.  He ended up taking part in an attempt to sabotage this program and was killed in 2042 AE in a small-scale jae accident resulting from this sabotage.  The same event transported Miri West-of-Now to Jana and later became known as year 1 of the Jana Era.