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Elek Onx (b. 1847 AE) is the protagonist the Continuation universe novel and film, The Hour before Morning by Arwen Spicer.  He is a part-human, part-sverra (bio-engineered humanoid) from planet Manyrock in Selbûn.  For much of his life, he has been prone murderous fits of rage, which he could not control.  In the film, he is played by Joel Albrecht.

Elek 3

Elek Onx (Joel Albrecht)



Elek was born a slave in a community in the northern hemisphere of Manyrock at a time when a sverra population had enslaved a human population of Sama ancestry.  Elek's mother, Bren, was human, his father a sverra.  When a group of Sama rebels liberated the slaves, Elek, then a teenager, was separated from his mother and imprisoned as a sverra.  He eventually escaped, killing a Sama girl in the process.

Throughout most of his adult life, he was subject to uncontrollable fits of rage.  Since his sverra biology gave him strength beyond that of humans, these fits often resulted in people's deaths.  After variously working as an agricultural laborer and Striver (rebel) soldier, Elek was arrested in 2110 AE by the Ash'torian government, which then controlled much of Selbûn and sentenced to death.  It is thought, however, that he may have escaped when a Striver attack caused the ship where he was a prisoner to crash on a remote planet.