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Jenchae costume

Denned Jenchae (Gregory S. Black)

Denned Jenchae (1990 AE-2110 AE) is a character in the Continuation novel, The Hour before Morning.  During the Ash'torian occupation of much of Selbûn, he became an influential non-violent Striver (rebel) and was eventually arrested and sentenced to death.  He is played by Gregory S. Black in the film.


Jenchae was born on the Asht'torian occupied, culturally Sama planet Yorûn in Selbûn.  His genetic mother was an Ash'torian soldier, Ase'qem Abte'nyq.  His genetic father, a Sama, died before his conception; his family preserved his DNA because he was a strong telepath. His DNA was combined with that of Jenchae's genetic mother to impregnate his father's sister, who was his genetic mother's romantic partner.  Like his father, Jenchae became a strong telepath.

He was raised by his birth mother (genetic aunt), Denned Shoten, in a tense relationship with his often absent genetic mother, who, he felt, looked down on the Samas.  When he was a teenager, his birth mother was killed in an Ash'torian raid and he was sent to live with his Ash'torian mother.

Jenchae became a lawyer in Ash'tor, but despite being superficially accepted, he continued to hate Ash'torian society and engaged in terrorist activity in protest against it.  Eventually, however, a personal crisis led him to foreswear violence and become a peaceful protester.  He became influential in this role up to his arrest by Ash'tor.  He died in a Striver attempt to free him from Ash'torian custody and was remembered as a great Striver leader.