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Ancient (like late-1990s) emblem of the Tide-Track.

This is a brief overview of the origins of Continuation civilization.


All peoples within the Continuation of Daughter are descendants of colonists of the planet, Daughter, which was an Earth colony.  In the Continuation, Earth has been largely forgotten but is remotely remembered as "Mother." 

Two main colonial populations terraformed Daughter: the Ra-Ledis, ancestors of the Ránlans, Leddies, and Kiris, and the Gorusmas, ancestors of the Samas. Little is known of their Earth origins, but they may have originated as secret international societies on Earth, bound together by frustration at stalled space colonization efforts.

In the remote past of the Continuation, Daughter suffered a series of environmental disasters that eventually left it toxic to much of Earth-based life.  Its peoples fled into space to search for new worlds to terraform.  They traveled in space for many centuries, during which time they first developed FTL travel through "rippling," moving across tiny distortions in space.

The Tides and the Tide-Track[]

Eventually, the Daughter-world ships came to a region of space in which several galaxies were connected by a series of stable wormholes, which they came to call Tides, collectively the Tide-Track.  The Tides connected regions of space with numerous planets suitable for terraforming.  Over about a thousand years, the Kiris, Leddies, Ránlans, and Samas split into separate Nations, typically divided by Tides, and colonized many planets.  The Aejdarians (later Ash'torians) split off considerably later from groups of Leddies and Ránlans who wished to live a more adventurous life.

The origins of the Tide-Track are unknown, but it is generally assumed to have been artifically created by some intelligence that Continuation society has never to its knowledge encountered.

The 8 galaxies of the Continuation are Jelin, Fóraval, Feyléna, Sylmor, Diatonan, Ybenna, Selbûn, and Afebat.

The Tides, named for the galaxies they connect are the Fey-Jel, For-Fey, Sel-Fey, Di-For, Di-Syl, Yb-Syl, Syl-Sel, Di-Yb, Yb-Sel, Di-Af, and Sel-Af.

In the course of Continuation civilization, two Tides were collapsed and closed, the Sel-Fey and Syl-Sel.