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Over its history, the Continuation has used three different calendars.  The first ancient calendar (Continuation) marked time from the terraforming of the Continuation worlds, beginning with Onáda.  This was supplanted by Before the End/After the End calendar, which was supplanted by the Jana Era calendar.  (Few records remain to indicate which calendar was used prior to the terraforming.  It might have been the old Earth calendar.)

Continuation Calendar (C)[]

Though not adopted until approximately 100 C, this calendar dates from the successful terraforming of the planet Onáda in Fóraval, i.e. the date at which is was officially announced that the planet was on track to form a self-sustaining ecosystem. (Ancient Kiri texts refer to this calendar as the "Moránef" (Keshnul: "the new era"), as opposed to the "Sanánef," ("the old era").)

Before the End/After the End Calendar (BE/AE)[]

This calendar dates from the War's End disaster, which destroyed the Sama Empire at the end of the Kiri-Sama War (1 BE = 2435 C).  This date is significant as it marks the most radical and violent transformative event in Continuation history.

Jana Era Calendar (J)[]

This calendar dates from the year in which Miri West-of-Now was lost in Jana as recounted in Perdita (2043 AE).  However, it did not become the standard calendar until 203 J (2245 AE), the year the Shi-Durn Pey were officially named a police force for Jana Walking.  The Jana Era indicates the era in which the use of jae to travel through the dimension of Jana is integral to socioeconomic relations in the Continuation.

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