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'Eblia Te'Zhano Yoq (b. 2108 AE) is a character in the Continuation universe.  She was a hypertelepath and Ash'torian intelligence agent.  Later, she became a translator of literature.


'Eblia Te'Zhano Yoq


'Eblia was born to an Ash'torian mother and Leddie father, both archaeologists. Her surname, Yoq, derives from "Yor," which was her Clan affiliation. Her parents died in an accident when she was 2, and she was adopted by her maternal uncle, Hashara'yah Bs'eoq, a historian, and his husband, Mae'joq Qy'qaelmé, one of the preeminent painters in Ash'tor.  She grew up on the desert planet Me'mib in Sylmor.

She was diagnosed as a hypertelepath in early childhood.  Her adopted parents tried various therapies to help her cope with the mind pain and social problems associated with hypertelepathy with some success.  Through self-discipline, she learned to manage her hypertelepathy though it continued to trouble her.

She studied linguistics in university but then took a job as an intelligence agent for the Trae'dah Eye, the main intelligence organization for Ash'tor.  She worked for the Trae'dah Eye until 2155 AE.  When she quit, she cited the death of her partner of 9 years, Shoan Chi'anové, as a motivating factor.

After leaving the intelligence field, she resumed the study of linguistics and became a translator of literary works between Ash'torian and Vunizh.  She translated, among others, The Hour before Morning.  At some point between 2156-2170, she wrote a memoir, which she entitled Mercy.

Soon after leaving intelligence work, she developed an intimate relationship with Ghanior Y'Seevoya Lastri'nom and moved to the planet R'Aej, where he had his primary residence.  They formally married in 2165 AE, which inducted Ghanior into Clan Yor.  In 2070 AE, 'Eblia received a severe head wound in the course of an assassination attempt on Ghanior.  She was reportedly treated in Ránlax, but records of her later life are spotty and uncertain.

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Some incomplete, rough draft sections from 'Eblia's memoir, Mercy, (by Arwen Spicer) are available on an Archive of Our Own.